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Deep Drawing

Deep drawing is the manufacturing process of forming sheet metal called blanks, into geometrical or irregular 3 dimensional shapes that are more than half their diameters in depth.
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Slide technology utilizes reusable slotted fixtures that move up and down or back and forth within the face of the machine. Each slide is mounted with a form tool unique to the part being produced.
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Tool Designing

All Tools Designed In House
Sofwares Used: Autocad 2007, Catia, Pro E
Simulations of Tools
All Tools Are Manufactured In House
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Progressive and Sheetmetal

Konar has 10 presses for sheetmetal and high speed progressive components manufacturing.
Complicated parts for 2 and 4 wheelers have been developed by progressive and stage tools.
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Konar Strives To Create Engineering Excellence In Deep Drawing And Multiforming That Assures Better Efficiency And Cost Reductions.