Progressive Metal Forming Parts

Progressive stamping is ideal for high volume production runs.  Using sequential stations in the same die, parts do not require transfer to multiple stamping presses, reducing handling, processing time and costs. These factors offset the higher initial investment in the design and manufacture of the progressive die used during manufacturing.

Progressive Metal Manufacturing Company occupies a unique market niche… big enough to handle complex jobs too complicated for boutique-style suppliers, but small enough to quickly gear up for shorter, time-sensitive production needs.We specialize in adaptation, a required skill in today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment. Do we have the engineering and management resources to flawlessly develop, prototype, and launch a large variety of parts for low volume programs?


Can we handle an annual part request of 50,000 pieces?

Of course.

Progressive Metal is fully loaded. Our engineering team can aid in production requirements, prototypes and developing full turnkey solutions, using the latest technology available. Our tool & die capability works in tandem with client needs to build, rework and repair production, prototype and progressive die sets.